Alexander-Instruments are supplied with extensive accessories included. Numerous optional extras are additionally available. Many accessories make the essential care and maintenance of your instrument easy and comfortable. Available options for extras ensure that each instrument will optimally reflect the individual preferences of its owner.Please take the time and discuss with us your requirements for optional extras. We are happy to give you advice based on our many years of experience. We want to make sure that all your requirements are met.
Optional extras include additional valves, E-A- or other extension crooks, support for the balance of your horn such as a Flipper, a detachable bell and many other additions.

All instruments are supplied with a soldered-on nickle-silver handguard (except models 88,93 and 503), a waterkey on the leadpipe (if required, we can leave this off), a standard Alexander mouthpiece and an additional leather handguard. Free materials for the maintenance of your instrument include: Slide Grease, Unibal Oil, Key&Bearing Oil, Valve Oil and a smooth Polishing Cloth.

With all Alexander double horns you are able to change the position of the change valve from Bb/F to F/Bb or vice versa at any time yourself. With the turn of a screw the thumb lever of the change valve of models 200, 503 and 1103 can be adjusted to fit any size or favourate position of your hand. All French Horns can be equipped with an adjustable finger hook which can be moved into a position where it better fits the little finger of a large or a small hand. Another optional extra to balance the weight is the so-called Flipper. It is an easy adjustable handrest that can be "flipped" in or out for transport inside a case. A Flipper transfers some of the weight of the horn to a position between the thumb and pointer finger of the left hand.

We are working on this chapter. Inbetween you can gain all information from our accessories-brochure in PDF format. Just click on the brochure to download it.